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UPDATE 6/12/10 – 13h35 :

Voici une petite liste bien servie de sites miroirs de, c’est une liste que vous êtes invités à diffuser. N’hésitez pas à déclarer vos propres miroirs ici afin que nous ayons une liste la plus à jour possible.




Important Information. READ FIRST!

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All of this would really help. Thanks 😉

You can flattr Piratenpad at


Current Cables: 873 (36 missing in the last archive, thats why cablegate mirrors say 837)


LIST OF Mirror / Reverse Proxies / DNS mirror

Official Website


Mirrors [Content-Mirror]
Official Mass Mirror List:
Independent Mirrors:

Mirrors [DNS-Mirror] (Hostname Aliases – Names, which point to Original-IP)

OpenNIC DNS Mirror – (Instructions: )

Redirects (IP):

Mirrors [reverse proxy]

Broken Mirrors / Outdated:

WikiLeaks dump’s

(11.4 MB, Rev. 4.12. 20:58, 842 cables, SHA1 9a347c81c704713d34c63a9ae2c2d02fac6ddb4c)

Dropbox Set

I2P DNS mirror ( )

Tor (onion routing) Mirror ( )

Freenet-Dump Site

  • SSK @ zDu8HawsepqF0ZvcHtP-5s9AdcNbU-aRHO4SSYs0Cpk, RVHNiANBwJ2It3qyknfgXPHNJvw9-RCRkIPpN83buaM,AQACAAE/wl_03-12-2010.7z

Related Links

Press reports


Older leaks


Tips & Tricks

  • Create Mirror: To keep the WL servers alive, please download an existing dump:
  • Cron Job – Hourly Update:

0 * * * * /usr/bin/wget -nH –convert-links –no-parent -a /var/log/wgetwiki.log -P  /var/www/ -mirror
This does a wget update every hour and puts the data in /var/www/

  • Script to check timestamp of the mirrors and find the most up-to-date one:

– Improving the script –  put it back online asap
Use at own risk 🙂 List array has to be filled with mirrors – Manually i recommend


This website and mirrors of this website

Provider which allow or disallow setting up a wikileaks mirror

  • <allow>
  • ispOne <disallow> (Cancelled Server)
  •  (requested at. 05.12./ 17:22; no answer yet )
  • <allow>